Digital Growth Unleashed London
etc.venues, 200 Aldersgate, 16-17 October, 2019

First Confirmed Keynotes

Opening Keynote with Rand Fishkin
Rand FishkinSparkToro
HBT Marketing
What Happens when Everybody’s Website is Fixed?

We spend huge amounts of time and energy fixing and improving things. We correct errors and omissions, maintain websites, reduce errors, improve quality, fight fires, chase budget, reduce waste and inefficiency. We compete on “how can I make this website, this advert, this content, this page, better than my competitor’s?”. We seek out marginal, incremental gains, to make our campaigns and pages ‘less bad’, or, ‘good enough’. What happens when all of this is no longer necessary? What happens to us, when things aren’t broken? When everybody’s website is perfect? We need to start thinking about what digital marketing means in a world where the playing fields are levelled, and when Google sees and knows everything about our content and our businesses, and all barriers to competition are removed. Projects like AMP, Schema, and WordPress’ Gutenberg editor are the tip of the iceberg on their quest towards the standardisation of the web – and their momentum is now unstoppable. Tomorrow, everything changes. What’s the plan? What are the alternatives? What do we do? We need to decide what we become, when we stop fixing our platforms, and when the real competition begins.

Jono AldersonYoast
Mad Scientist

First Confirmed Sessions

A Behavioural Economic Framework for Ideation

People are aware of cognitive biases – but do we know what to do about them? In this session, Anna will show how you can identify which cognitive biases are affecting your visitors’ behaviour and how you can exploit these behaviours to create a better customer experience.

Anna TipladyConversion
Senior Consultant
The Lost Art of Asking Questions

World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimisation program. And when it comes to qualitative user research, that means getting up close and personal with your users. Talking to them. Asking them questions. The right timing, wording and tone of voice of your question can make all the difference. In this talk, Els helps you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

Els AertsAGConsult
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Building Resilience in a 21st Century World

In this session we focus on a topic that is not strictly online marketing but it is relevant to every company in this world. Stress and stress-related illnesses are hugely on the increase. So, to start this talk, we will take a brief look at why and the impact our challenging and ever-changing world is having on our companies and our people. However, Cate believes that talking about stress just breeds more, well… stress. So, let’s focus on how you can overcome that. By supporting the four basic human needs, we will look at how you can build your resilience, motivation and happiness; putting yourself first and empowering you to genuinely live better. Our engaging, energising and highly practical talk will take you through some incredibly easy tools to shift you into a positive mind-set and help improve your energy levels. They will improve your mindset and leave you inspired and buzzing with positivity, as you make your future work better for you. And this will ultimately help your business.

Cate MurdenPUSH
Web Performance Madness: Two seconds is all you have!

Especially in a mobile-first world, fast loading websites are of outmost importance. Unfortunately, it has become really hard to measure performance as it also depends on your mobile device’s CPU amongst other factors. Also, Google has been very vocal about anything web performance in the last years and is Peak Ace AGing hard to innovate repeatedly. But performance is so much more! User satisfaction should be the main goal because expectations are clear: You’ve got two seconds maximum to deliver, so make it count. During his talk Bastian will be walking you through various advanced topics and strategies around web performance optimisation going way beyond Accelerated Mobile Pages (and other short-term solutions) to make any website really, really fast.

Bastian GrimmPeak Ace AG
Director Organic Search
Peak Ace AG
A.I. for Marketing – Power Session

A.I. is no longer something reserved for extensively qualified data scientists. The world of marketing and growth has already begun to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the companies who want to stay ahead taking advantage of this new competitive advantage. Bernardo has spent the last year teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing and growth. In this talk, we’ll test your skills, expose you to the real-life applications of A.I., as well as show you how you can learn to leverage it!

Bernardo NunesGrowth Tribe
Head of Science
Growth Tribe

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