The World of Multiple Algorithms – What we’ve all been Missing in SEO


Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


3:05 pm


Creative 3


We’d all like to think we know exactly what to do when it comes to optimising a website. We’ve grown up brazenly finessing our SEO tactics, haven’t really flinched at the impact of the meteoric rise of voice search or the now frequent occurrence of answer boxes in the SERP. But, come on, be honest, there’s a lot we still don’t understand. We also know that position zero in the SERP isn’t based on pure SEO tactics so there’s got to be more to SEO than the traditional methods we’ve used.

During this revealing session, Hannah will take a deep dive into this behind the scenes working. With an insightful overview of into what a pure relevancy-focused algorithm would look like, she’ll also lift the lid on how rankings really work in Google Search for answer boxes and position 0. She’ll provide tips on how to ride the wave as Google constantly searches for any rich result that will provide a ‘better’ solution for users whilst at the same time explore its in-built capacity to organically expand and adapt changes in result/answer delivery.

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