Voice Visibility: Quantifying the Opportunity for your Brand


Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


3:55 pm


Creative 3


Voice is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing right now, however with the vertical still in its infancy, it can be hard for marketeers to understand what the opportunity in voice actually is.

· How many people are searching via voice?
· What do people use smart speakers for beyond asking for music, setting timers and checking the weather?
· How many people use Google Actions and Alexa skills?
· Which sectors does voice offer the most opportunity for?
· What is the best starting point for brands to get ahead in voice?

To answer the above, and wider questions around how to incorporate voice into your digital strategy, John will be unveiling data from new research studies into voice usage, categorised by vertical. Using this data, John will introduce brands to key steps to building a voice strategy, including how to decide where to prioritise your efforts and how to define use cases for voice.

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