What Happens when Everybody's Website is Fixed?


Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


1:40 pm



We spend huge amounts of time and energy fixing and improving things. We correct errors and omissions, maintain websites, reduce errors, improve quality, fight fires, chase budget, reduce waste and inefficiency. We compete on “how can I make this website, this advert, this content, this page, better than my competitor’s?”. We seek out marginal, incremental gains, to make our campaigns and pages ‘less bad’, or, ‘good enough’. What happens when all of this is no longer necessary? What happens to us, when things aren’t broken? When everybody’s website is perfect? We need to start thinking about what digital marketing means in a world where the playing fields are levelled, and when Google sees and knows everything about our content and our businesses, and all barriers to competition are removed. Projects like AMP, Schema, and WordPress’ Gutenberg editor are the tip of the iceberg on their quest towards the standardisation of the web – and their momentum is now unstoppable. Tomorrow, everything changes. What’s the plan? What are the alternatives? What do we do? We need to decide what we become, when we stop fixing our platforms, and when the real competition begins.

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